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Moving from UK

Hey guys!
Im finishing University in UK this summer and im moving back to canada after 14 years haha! Ive been playing airsoft both here and in greece so ive had the fun of running into problems with customs and airsoft guns! Ive been reading up on importing to canada and how strict customs are. Basically ive got 2 guns a G&P M4 and a WE M1911a1. to be honest i could go without the hastle of bringing the pistol but considering ive invested 900+ euros and i cant imagine being able to sell it for near that price im looking into how or what i can do. Is there any way to be able to warn customs, get a permit of some sort as here in the UK to own buy airsoft guns you need to be registered under UKARA which protects airsofters from the replica gun laws basically (what canada needs it seems). Also whats this about if its between a certain power, 409 fps to 500 or something its classified as a airgun so is it then ok to import?
Another question related to that is if i were to get rid of this gun would i maybe be able to trade it for say a sniper rifle if thats more legal or should i just be looking to get money for it and get something sorted out in canada?

Only reason im asking on the forums is due to the fact my story is a bit more specific rather than straight up importing from outside canada in order to purchase a gun.

Thanks for any replies!!!
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