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Originally Posted by notom View Post
Since we are already on the subject of batteries. Does the same thing apply to lipo's? I only ask because I bougbht a charger thats capable of charging lipo's too, and I'm considering making the jump.
AFAIK from what I learnt in physics a battery is a battery is a battery. They are all pretty much "generic". We don't talk about specific formula when talking about batteries unless we need to calculate the voltage or something. The only difference being that different chemistries produce differing amounts of "nominal voltage" (a LiPo cell is like 3.7 or 3.8, NiCd 1.2, NiMH also 1.2).

There is also a new type of electrochem cell I've heard being developed called "LiFe" batteries made of Lithium Ferrite with some other additive (to keep it stable or something) I forget exactly what's so good about it but apparently RC hobbyists are treating it like it's some crazy new development that's going to change the hobby as they know it. It's supposed to have better power density than LiPo's or something.
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