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Originally Posted by travisvotour View Post
I would just like to clarify that people are saying that if more dangerous bb guns aren't under the law of PAL, then y should airsoft be? it is because they are easy to obtain and are considered replica firearms and are being used to rob banks and things like htat, its not the power, its the look... Please don't post the world is over comments... all this is doing is making people with no experience with the law panic, just relax and wait for HoJo
i cant even remember the last time a bank was robbed in canada let alone using an airsoft gun. i understand the point you are trying to make in the fact that these look real and could be used for that. but stating that as a fact is only adding to the confusion right now.

If you have proof please proove me wrong. im not trying to be a dick but a lot of people are getting panicy right now and theres no reason for it.
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