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I am extremely happy with the outcome of this event.

When I started with this idea 9-10 months ago, I hoped that it would have had an ending like this, and yesterday it all came together to be one of the most unique games (from what players tell me) they have ever seen, or been a part of.

The outcome of this one, along with the pictures, film, and the National Historical Sites final words on the game will open doors that were previously closed to the Airsoft community in Canada.

A very big thank you to all the Sponsors of { Claybank2009 }

007 Airsoft - Calgary Alberta

Capital Airsoft & Tactical - Edmonton Alberta

Canadian Airgun Supply - Red Deer Alberta

Amos Airsoft - Winnipeg Manitoba

BB Bastard - Canada - Toronto Ontario

Quinn The Eskimo - Regina Saskatchewan

ILLusion Airsoft - Scarborough Ontario

Plastic Soldier Airsoft - Calgary Alberta

ASC Mart - Canada

Thank you all for being a big part of it, it was simply awesome.

P.S. Great Pics Mark!!
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