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In late 2007 when I started working Security, I got to talking with one of my co-workers who ended up becoming my site supervisor. He mentioned this thing called airsoft a couple times, and I ended up asking him to explain what that is. He started explaining how he has a BB gun that looked just like an M16 and so on and so forth. He brought his laptop to work that night so we hopped on someones open connection and started looking things up. First up was a couple Youtube videos, then started looking for where to buy guns.

He knew a little about the laws so we tried looking for places in Canada. Came across 007 and after weeding through a bunch of US and Asian sites. Eventually found ASC, started reading through the site and trying to learn as much as I could. I made sure I read every sticky (note to all noobs: fuckin' do this!) before I even registered. I had a few of my own newbie questions but I got squared away right quick thanks to people like Tyson, TS and the like.

I ended up finding my way to Jeroons to get AV'ed and as I walked in I remembered I was in here before. I was in Port Credit to do some fishing outta the Credit River a little while before that and I went in with some friends to check shit out. At the counter was a dude who was talking guns with Jeroon and that was just fucking awesome. Growing up in Scarborough guns were a very taboo subject but there was always a bit of an attraction to guns since I was little.
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This is the equivalent to knocking on deaths door and blowing his head off with a shotgun.
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