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Originally Posted by Boyso View Post
It's all about knowing how to shop.

I got 10 mags for 30$. Plastic, and real cap.

They outlasted my 50$ Pmags.

For gear, just go to your local surplus.

Buy quality footwear and quality eyewear first.
Well sure. I picked up five metal CA mags for my G3 for 40 bucks... Buying them brand new from a store locally, they would've been forty dollars a piece. Cheaper online, but it still would've likely been at least twenty bucks a pop. Far as I can tell, they'd never been used. I love the classifieds.

And I dunno, surplus stores are hit and miss in my experience. The users on ASC go through a lot of gear, and it's a lot cheaper than new or surplus stores, nine times out of ten.

And as they've both said, do NOT cheap out on eyewear. Good boots are also some of the best gear you can buy.
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