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Originally Posted by jordan7831 View Post
Nope you got it all wrong. On the cheap ass mechboxes you need 4 hands a strategically placed foot, wife/girlfriend, and spring clamps.

The misses is for making you food while you are slaving away.
The spring clamps are to keep the misses from yelling at you for letting dinner get cold.
Ditto that. When I have to work on certain brands, I warn customers that the bill may be a couple dollars more due to the extra time it takes to work on crappy gbs. I love working on Marui gbs. They just snap together in seconds.

For the OP:

1) Make sure everything is sitting properly on the left side of the shell. Sometimes the trigger mech can move slightly and stop everything from fitting together.

2) Just as thing look like they are going together the safety bar can be in the way. You may need to push it up into the gb with a screwdriver.

3) Make sure your piston is properly seated in its groove, or the gb may not fit together correctly. It certainly will not work correctly.

4) Ensure the cylinder and head are correctly aligned to fit the right side shell.

5) The right side shell should have nothing but bushing / bearings in it. All shims should be sitting on their appropriate shafts on the left side.

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