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I got to work on one of these a week ago. And yes, THE UPPER IS FULL METAL.

The internals weren't bad either. Bearing spring guide, nice poly carb piston, ported piston head, and nicely shimmed gears.

My only complaint is that the Piston head O-ring is way off dimension(as in too small) and does not make a good air seal at all. In fact, they compensate for the air loss by using extreme amount of grease around the piston head to stop the air loss. You are losing about 30~40ish FPS just from this air seal problem. This does not mean that you gain 30~40FPS from using a better O-ring, because they already stopped the airseal problem by using grease.

The one I worked on consistently chronoed aroudn 360ish FPS.

Ansarm's gun probably suffers from the air seal problem as well(They probably didn't use so much grease on your gun), that's maybe why it's shooting 300~310 FPS.

other than that, the review is very accurate and I like it. Thanks for sharing.

hope that helps.

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