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Originally Posted by surebet View Post
Your freedom ends where someone else's begin. In this case, your freedom to shoot a gun in your backyard ends when your "paranoid neighbors" feel unsafe.

Your freedom to shoot a gun in your backyard also ends when your actions put my collection at risk, since every bit of bad press in a step towards me loosing my stuff.

Seriously, if you can't fathom why your neighbors are uneasy with you shooting replica firearms in your backyard, you don't deserve to be here.
Originally Posted by knightoice View Post
Paranoid neighbors if I would be shooting in my backyard.
With some stupid clear spingers that's fine
Not with a GBB though
Firing away inside with a GBB would give me a headache I guess
I live in a good neighborhood, but I don't know if some passerby would call the cops on me for seeing me with a GBB. I don't want to be firing that stuff in public. I'm going to try krazy glue tomorrow. My friend said it should be stronger than the plastic itself
I'm not going to be shooting any of that stuff in public, and I know why I wouldn't be

1. It's in public and it looks like I have a gun in my hand if it's not clearsoft
2. My neighbors are sketchy on anything that isn't clearsoft
3. Some person driving by would see what appears to be a gun in my hands
4. It gives airsofters a bad name if I were to get caught

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