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Broken 1911 Pistol

Some springer I picked up that I put about 1500 rounds through
I don't want to have to go buy a new one, I'm tight on money right now
I took it apart to look at what was broken. I'll try and get some pictures in tomorrow. What was broken was a piece that pushes the pellet back (pushes it back in the magazine, and the pellet comes up) that also compresses and holds the back spring in place. The little notch that holds the back spring in place snapped off (stupid plastic).

So my real problem is whether or not gluing on the piece would hold it there. I could either try some krazy glue or epoxy, but I wanted all of your opinions first. It's a 1 joule springer, if that helps. Will the krazy glue/ epoxy hold it? Or would I get a replacement for the piece, or the whole gun itself?
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