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Originally Posted by ginnz View Post
Well, it seems the airsoft bug has bitten me..... im no gamer, but look to build up a collection of these things, to plink in the backyard, and to hang on my den wall. im looking at this one, a mp5sd, and mp5 pdw style...... id like to put the systema 500 fps gearbox mod in the mp5sd just for kicks..... ex pare no expense ;-)

im looking at one of these, as i really like the style, does anyone here have any experience with this gun and the specific brand? and would a 3s 2100 mAh lipo pack fit in the stock of this gun? i can get one brand new for fairly cheap, so im just looking for some input on it...... the seller claims it'll shoot approx 410 fps out of the box. is this claim legit?

any feedback is greatly appreciated.

is this for shooting cats that come onto your property like you were asking about for the JG M4 S-system?

500fps gearbox? yeh thought so
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