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I bought the exact CQB-R from willy last week. And let me say..

I am impressed!

I just got back from my first cqb game now. It's a very good AEG. I chrono'd it around 348. So it's very good for outdoors and indoors, like you said. The thing I like most about it, is that it's light as hell.

Personally, I didnt like the rear sights, not good with googles. I replaced it with a red dot and it works great. The high cap mag that came with it, isnt very good, but, I bought some STAR mid-cap mags and they work great. I heard the mag release isn't very good on the G&G but I've had 0 issues with it.

The price on the gun is very, very good. I did a lot of comparing, and for the gun, it's very worth the money. It came with a really good battery, lasted me the whole game while going through countless mags, 1500+ bb's (estimating). Cleaning rod which I was supprised. Willy actually sends you pictures of the actual product before he ships it to make you feel 100% comfortable. He goes out of his way to make sure you are happy with your product. Great retailer.

The smoke clear receiver, imo, is very nice. It won't shine in the sun and give your position away, and it's not ugly either.

I have yet to play outside with it yet, however, I have played with an mp5, which has a shorter barrel. Thus, this will be an improvement. You could always get a longer inner and outter barrels for outdoor games. You could always get a silencer instead and just put the inner barrel as it sticks out the outter barrel, the silencer will hide it. It won't look stupid, might look good. I picked up a silencer for the cause.

Overall, VERY good gun and very reliable (tonight's game had sand). I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS AEG. Very impressed. A +++
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