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I suggest you go to a game and arrange to get a rental. Most airsoft clubs here in B.C. will have an age verifier and offer rentals. For example, just yesterday Op-For hosted a Battle School, essentially an introductory course for newbies that would've been excellent for you. Optix, one of the age verifiers for ASC, was present. I suggest you try going to these two websites and poking around, you might get a quicker response this way:



I know that you can arrange for Op-For rentals through Kampfer and Warcraft games, perhaps a few others. I haven't checked out BCAC rentals but I'm certain someone will be able to loan you an AEG for the day.

Don't be afraid of rental equipment; it will help you make an intelligent purchase and will be an excellent way to familiarize yourself with what AEGs and the sport of airsoft is like. Plus, most players at games will allow you to try their equipment, which should give you even more ideas of where to go with your purchases.
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