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G&G M4 CQB vs G&G M4A1

Hi there everyone, I'm just getting into the sport, and looking for my first true AEG.

I'm looking for a good all-around gun that I can use both indoors and outdoors, and I found two that I really like.

The first is the G&G M4 CQB.
Pros - High ROF, 340 FPS makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor, upper receiver rails and barrel rails for attachments, adjustable stock.
Cons - I'm not sure about this, but it seems like a 10" barrel may limit accuracy at longer ranges, no rear iron sights if I decide to go scopeless

The other is the G&G M4A1
Pros - High ROF (same as CQB), 14" Barrel should make it accurate at all distances, front and rear iron sights, adjustable stock.
Cons - No front rails for attachments, long overall length may make it inconvenient for indoor skirmishes.

My question is this.
Has anyone used either/both of these and can they answer a few question on them?

If I buy the CQB, can I swap out the 10" barrel for a longer one? And if I do, will it look retarded?

If I buy the M4A1, is there a way to remove the front hand section and put on rails?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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