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I have the DPMS A-15 Panther M4A1,
and I got it from my local surplus store for about $220,
I'm sure you can get better guns for the money, but my access to them is pretty limited reason being my location, being under-aged, and not being able to order off of Canadian sites. It's a very good gun, that for many reasons so don't get me wrong, just the fact that if you can order say maybe a G&G or JG, I'd suggest you do that instead.

"I don't like shootin' at people, I don't wanna kill anybody!
I just like scarin' 'em so I shoot right over their heads, y'know way out clean over their heads, but as long as there's a big flame comin' outta' the gun and y'know, you look mean enough, it's usually enough to scare the shit outta' somebody!"
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