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[nl] Relaunched! -

[NL] has been relaunched, version 3 is live now! The website has been improved with a better CMS system, great new features and a brand new and modern design. Check out our new website! Still a lot of work has to be done, lot's of content additions and translations.

Most important, create an account as soon as possible! You are able to add links, events, articles etc! Remark that all forum accounts have been transported into the new website!

One of the greatest new features is the eventlist which will provide an overview of all events in Europe! We are also very proud on the newsletter system, forum integration and article/review commenting. Last but not least our news RSS feed!

Please let us know your feedback via

New features are:

* Social bookmarking
* Poll voting
* Comments on news article's and reviews.
* Download system
* Contact form
* Forum integratie + Latest forum topics
* Newsletter
* Redesign
* multi-language: Dutch/German/English
* FAQ's
* International Event kalender with geo/maps
* Frontpage login - integration with forum
* RSS feeds!
* Twitter Tweets + Followers
* New header banner (logo) V3
* Airsoft Dictionatry
* Photo gallery
* Additional domainname,

See you around at!

Would be cool when a moderator can place this in the news...
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