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Question Quick import question

I know what you can and cannot import but it says you can import combat gear like vests right? well I was at seals action gear and was looking at that ceramic plate ballistic stuff and it said there may be issues for people who order outside Canada, so I can only assume there may be problems ordering a tactical vest from outside Canada.
I found the perfect tactical vest for me and I wanna buy it
I don't want to disclose what model it is for the sake of originality and my personal strive for uniqness but it is pretty cheap, not expensive enough to come with plates but I'm pretty sure it is made of Kevlar and sure as hell looks like its packing a plate or two, it has large shoulder pads and neck protector, in fact its pretty close to interceptor armour the americans use. It's in the US so would I have a problem dragging it accross the border? (aside from a huge shipping bill and import tax). so can I order plate carriers/tac vests no prob?
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