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when you've got the cash, you can't find what you want or end up having to compromise on picking up all you wanted. then after you've spent the money and waiting (impatiently I might add) for CP ... you find the deal of the century and can't do a thing about it! (luckily I found the deals on my airsoft stuff ... I'm talking hobby ordering in general LOL)

your first game, it's a decently large milsim, nerves are racked not to be a complete head in ass newbie... then in an ultimate moment of newbism you hold the trigger down full auto 20ft away lighting up a tree and the guy behind it while falling on your ass. THEN forget weither or not you apologized ... and THEN find out the guy was rather up the ranks in BCAC *hangs head* I'm sooooo sorry Crash! if I didn't apologize then

Wife says "yeah sure you can throw some cash into that airsoft thing and get a good proper loadout to go play with and not need to really buy anything else ".... followed up a week or so later by "you paid WHAT?!!??! for toy guns and a hobby!???" (mind you I'm used to this reaction as I've got several RC boats over 1K )

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