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Well I agree with the other guys.. get age verified and don't buy those guns. But I have seen the L96 in action. My friend has been using it for 2-3 years now and its worked just fine. I've been hit in the top of the head from over 200 feet on numerous occasions. I don't mind it but I wouldn't wanna buy it just for the reason that its cheap plastic and it really does fire way to fast.
And I have no idea about the VSR-10.

Originally Posted by Eclipse666 View Post
I am looking for a decent bolt action rifle, and i came across the well l96 on I was wondering if it was worth the 100$ more compared to the vsr-10, mauri clone. Just straight up which one you think is better. I am not planning on sinking 1000$ into either, i'm just going to use them stock. No competition, just skirmish's with my friends in the woods etc.

And please, before you tell me to get my age verified, well i can't as i am 17 and am planning on getting into airsoft once i hit 18.
Also, i have read enough posts to know that you will all tell me to get an AEG as my first gun. i have tried sniping and and AEG, and i find sniping more satisfying than using an AEG. If your wondering how i have tried it, i have a friend who has the tf 16 and the swiss arms black eagle m6 s. I know, not competition grade.

If you all could just give me your opinion on which is better VSR-10, or L96, no upgrades, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks A lot

P.S. a little advice on the tf11 from as a secondary weapon would also be appreciated, for those situations when i'm out gunned by the AEGs. Thanks again
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