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Originally Posted by jareyes View Post
Hey guys, thanks for all the advice! Incredibly helpful and with all the points brought up (GBB's being excessively expensive and experimental, mags and parts also expensive, etc.) I'm definitely leaning towards an AEG. More specifically, after reading a thread on it, it has been brought to my attention that the STAR M4A1 has a functional bolt catch? Can anyone verify this?

Actually, any opinions and thoughts on STAR in general, their quality and m4's? From what I understand so far, they're pretty good.
If there are threads on here that go into detail about STAR feel welcome to direct me there, thanks again.

Edit: SORRY! Just found a STAR M4A1 review. I shall read that and then comment again. Still though, thanks guys for everything; incredibly helpful.
Well can't speak for the quality of the Star M4 but if you are looking for a best bang for the buck type of AEG you can't go wrong with any King Arms, the quality of their body is far superior to any other clone and if the blowback thing give you a rise then their current Galil and the Holo556 series have blowback, Their M4 Troy series all have working bolt catch.
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