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Thumbs down WTF Evike?

So, not that a story like this is new to ASC members but I figured it's worth sharing.

Just over a month ago, I ordered some parts from Evike for both of my M4s. Gears, hopups, etc etc. All the items showed as in stock, so away I went and ordered. I got an email 24 hours later detailing the shipping costs, payed up and waited. Another 24 hours, I got a processing email.. followed by another email a further 24 hours apologizing dearly (lol) for a item that was now on back order. The email included their "list" of reasons why this may have happened. Ok then, I'm a patient guy. No worries, I get it. This happens sometimes, and in airsoft, patience is half the battle.

Well my patience began to run dry a few days ago. After two attempts via email to get in touch with them to find out what was happening with the back orders and get an update as to a possible ETA, I had it. No response back. So I called them. Spoke to someone who seemed helpful enough. I gave him my order number, he "kindly" placed me on hold (music wasn't too bad, don't often get to listen to LA radio stations..) After a few minutes he came back on and stated "your order is on back order." "Yes, I know" I replied, "Any idea on how much longer this will be?" "No." "Ok well man, it's been a month so you know, I would just like a full refund as I have found another company with what I need." "Ok." "I want it processed today, it's paypal and that takes no time at all." "Ok, yes, we will process the refund today, it may take up to 48 hours to see it appear." "Very good then, thanks for your help." "Bye."

So, today.. I see an email from Evike. I'm positive it is an email regarding my refund. Nope, it's an email with a shipping number from the 22nd of may and a message saying my order has shipped??? WTF? I was continualy told that my order was on back order via email and over the phone yet my order all of a sudden magically shipped a week ago??

This blows - I just spent 250 US at Airsoft GI (Processed and shipped with tracking number in 1 hour by the way. Great service and good attitude from the guy on the phone at GI. Tyler is his name.) It blows because now I have spent 500+ on parts and will have too many. All because of terrible communication and poor customer service from Evike.

Anyway boo hoo.. cry me a river I know. But just another story for someone to read if they are smarter than I, and do their research prior to dealing with Evike.

Evike... YOU SUCK.
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