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Originally Posted by SlasherX View Post
I am happy that i finally got my G&G PM5A5 Man, this baby packs a punch. The whole body itself is very sturdy and the rof is 2-3x faster than my crappy ass crossman pulse r76(broken now).The hi-cap magazine is metal and even with the suppressor, the darn gun is loud and the sound when firing scared the shyte out of my landlord. The issue i have right now is putting the 8.4v battery inside the handguard. It took me like 15min trying to get it rightToo bad i was expecting the metal sound when i pull/release the cocking lever just like the one i watch in youtube. The good thing is i am satisfied and ready to snipe my neighbor's cat at night once i get my a long barrel suppressor lol.jk
p.s. i just ordered
another aeg added to my new collections:duke:
Grrr . People like him are the reason why i gotta pay twice the price for my guns.

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