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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
This usually can be translated to "We don't actually have anything in stock. So you pay us up front, we'll order it then ship it to you when we receive it". When things like this are policy, you have to read between the lines. Don't know if this is the case in specific with shootsoft, but I would suspect it to be. That's how it used to be with their black guns.
I'm sure they still do that with their black guns because i ordered 2 guns from them 4 days apart the full black bodied one order first but the second one a clear receiver is being shipped first. also tho i would like to say other than the shipping wait they have responded to all my emails same day or next day also my clear receiver gun shipped a week before expected so that was also nice. hopefully like the said the full black will be shipped shortly after.
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