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Originally Posted by Schwag View Post
Gas guns. Any of them. Bloody pains in the ass.

Guys who take 20 minutes to load 500 bbs.

Military and law-enforcement types who think they know it all (but rarely win)

The trigger spring on v3 boxes

big, heavy guns that don't perform any better than their smaller, more practical counterparts.

Gear whores. All that shit is only good for standing in front of a mirror, looking like a poser douchebag. It doesn't make you play better, it doesn't make you tough or leet and it doesn't make you cool. It makes you a schmuck who likes to play dress-up and spend alot doing it.
Looking in the bright side, some of my pet peeves are also some of my favorite things about airsoft.

The v3 trigger spring is a bitch but I've probably made a couple of hundred bucks by knowing how to do it.

Military and law enforcement types getting their asses kicked makes me feel good about myself because I know my baked-out instinct is just as good as their expensive training.

Guys with big guns are slow and clunky. Advantage to me.

Gear whores-gives me something to chuckle about while guys spend 20 minutes loading 500 bbs.

Gas Guns. Sidearm fight. Run you PTP against my lipo mp5k. Hehehehehe.

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