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Originally Posted by Beazer View Post
Oh and all the gear shit. There are people that collect military gear and do actual not half assed imprssions. There are few of us that do it right.
The half assed guys are lame though.
Well that needs a little clarification. Do you mean you hate people with the gear not doing an impression and saying they are or what? I mean, I have everything I need for a couple different impressions but I dislike doing exact impressions as then I'll have more people yelling at me for impersonating then I would have people yelling at me for half assing.

If you mean you hate it when somebody say, wears ACU, Hiking boots and an OD vest, and say they are doing a Green beret look then I agree.

And Loathing that is 100% acceptable, I know when I got shot in the head by your gun (yours really hurts) i was pissed but knew it was my fault for only showing my head as a target.

Originally Posted by pilotguy View Post
New players to airsoft trying to tell me how much better their equipment is compared to mine when they have no idea about their own equipment yet - Their excuse.. it cost more. Grrrrr... STFU and get yer ass on the field and we'll see how that fancy ass gun of yours works. Only as good as the shooter behind it, so in most cases, not good at all.
Multicam..... I spent too much time arguing that multicam isn't the perfect camo. it's good. but not perfect (jack of all trades, master of none). TOO MANY people think it's the best cause it's built for every terrain and costs more.. cause the price is clearly the defining factor is every things effectiveness

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