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Originally Posted by Ripperman79 View Post
I play at long range and I'm mainly a sharpshooter but I'm not worried about a sniper. I found out you can get KJ Works Battery Wound Hi-Cap mags for about $40 and the gear box is highly maintained and the polished ammo is easier on the motor then .20 Bio ammo. and the motor is MK.2, but the question i thought would be easiest answered with a you tube link, how do i remove the fore grip with out trashing the gun or the grip? Fore grip = Lower front grip (were you would place your hand while firing)
I'm not sure that BB weight will effect strain on the motor, but you don't need to use .36 for the motors sake, thats some expensive ammo to push through a full auto AEG.
I too would like to see proof of a Kraken pushing 427 with .36. Maybe with .2.
If winding mags aren't your style I'd suggest getting yourself a chest rig with med or low caps.
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