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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
Where is the basis for this claim that you're making re. CAPS? How did Magpul Dynamics get associated to it? Please explain more.

There is a strict set of rules and procedures that are in place (reviewed, edited and approved by IPSC) for CAPS that closely mimic the rules/procedures currently in place for real steel. As such, there are some some actions made redundant by virtue of these things being Airsoft. But it's the infference that CAPS is "teaching" things from Magpul Dynamics that I cannot accept.

All the tactical reload stuff they show in Magpul Dynamics? I think it's CAPS, but I haven't watched the DVD enough to remember for sure.

I just mean that, since Magpul Dynamics came around, lots of fanboys have taken it as the word of God, and Chris Costa as Jesus Christ, or something.

I mean, it's not even so much at games I attend, but also how people take it online. I mean, there are users on ASC who's signature is a .gif of themselves being all "Magpul techniques" for us...

Also: to those saying that people with pet peeves annoy them? GTFO of this thread...this thread is for venting :P

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