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Originally Posted by MillerBRo View Post
Prolly the best airsoft gun Crosman has ever made (R76 and R72 are somewhat notable as entry level guns but nowhere near as good value for your buck). this is a gun that many of the seasoned players use and others have used them for parts to fix TM SPAS shottys.

ALL Crosman fps are chrono'd with .12s but even still 280-290fps with 3 .2g BBs is great.

They go for roughly $50-60 USD in the USA which is indeed an excellent price for the Canadian market where they often go for $120-150 (though the all black UTG clones can also be found for $60 in the USA for that matter so in the US they are ironically overpriced for that market).

However Walmart USA will not ship to Canada. Some of the US vendors WILL ship clear guns to Canada and most clear guns seem to pass customs eventually- but it really is a bit chancy.

Canadian Tire sells them for $120 CAD.

If you want to spend $80-90CAD and gamble with a clear gun from a USA store then just do so realizing that it is a gamble. If customs decides to be cruel rather than kind you lose everything- and suddenly that $120 looks way more reasonable for much less stress.

Myself- I have done both and though I have not lost anything there have been days where the worry over losing the gamble has me convinced that if the price is within $40-50 it isnt worth the stress or worry... besides CT always has a big 50% off airsoft sale every fall
ok thanks ill wait for that sale xD
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