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Originally Posted by Gerkraz View Post
I don't know if this has been said before, but it drives me INSANE when airsofters think that the C.A.P.S. they "learned" by watching Magpul Dynamics have ANY use or relevance in airsoft.

"Cant the rifle and check for brass" ...why yes, my piston is still there!
"Use that forward assist" ...yes, let's use it!

Drives me nuts.
Hey, not everyone on ASC is a 400lbs nerd, who masturbates to the "TACTICAL CARBINE" DVD. Some people actually train with airsoft, as opposed to dress up, and play soldier.

Maybe start hanging around some people who ACTUALLY do C.A.P.S, or ACTUALLY get involved in defensive shooting with RS.. Then you wont have to deal with the drippin' bullshit (as much).
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