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You CAN'T use any grease that contains petroleum products in it because it will dissolve the o-rings and hop-up, etc. that are so vital to the airseal that is essential part to a working AEG.

For maintainance of rubber parts like the o-rings and hop-up bucking, use silicone oil. For greasing mechanical parts - use lithium or graphite based grease.

Don't use that white silicone grease you find at Canadian Tire, etc. That stuff will turn yellow and black and dry up and turn to glue-like gunk eventually. I hate cleaning that stuff out of guns.

I wouldn't even use the silicon spray because the ones in spray cans sometimes contain some sort of petroleum derivatives in the aerosol. Get a little bottle of silicon oil from or something.

I'll always laugh at the guy who brought his dead gun to me because he kept spraying WD40 down his barrel!!! He dissolved his hop-up bucking and destroyed the o-rings in his cylinder and piston.

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