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Gas guns. Any of them. Bloody pains in the ass.

PTWs. Nice but grossly overrated.

Gun nuts. What is wrong with these people? They're tools(the guns, not the people), that's it. Some look nice but so what?


Ammo limits

Guys who take 20 minutes to load 500 bbs.

Nerds who think airsoft elevates them beyond regular nerd status to alpha-nerd status. Not that they're even aware of their nerdliness to begin with.

Military and law-enforcement types who think they know it all (but rarely win)

The trigger spring on v3 boxes

Clear plastic crapsoft being treated and discussed like real aegs.

big, heavy guns that don't perform any better than their smaller, more practical counterparts.

Gear whores. All that shit is only good for standing in front of a mirror, looking like a poser douchebag. It doesn't make you play better, it doesn't make you tough or leet and it doesn't make you cool. It makes you a schmuck who likes to play dress-up and spend alot doing it.

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