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Originally Posted by Gerkraz View Post
I don't know if this has been said before, but it drives me INSANE when airsofters think that the C.A.P.S. they "learned" by watching Magpul Dynamics have ANY use or relevance in airsoft.

"Cant the rifle and check for brass" ...why yes, my piston is still there!
"Use that forward assist" ...yes, let's use it!

Drives me nuts.
Where is the basis for this claim that you're making re. CAPS? How did Magpul Dynamics get associated to it? Please explain more.

There is a strict set of rules and procedures that are in place (reviewed, edited and approved by IPSC) for CAPS that closely mimic the rules/procedures currently in place for real steel. As such, there are some some actions made redundant by virtue of these things being Airsoft. But it's the infference that CAPS is "teaching" things from Magpul Dynamics that I cannot accept.

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