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you mean do something like they have in the UK? I personaly would not mind that.

I just hope that our Avers have the brains to say *this guy is over 18 but... he really would not make a good representitive to airsoft*

Each and every time you guys take a gun out of the house your taking the rep of this sport into your own hands. One person can single handedly ruin it.

And the fact that he could not be bothered to scroll down 2 more inches to see the Sticky for Aving means that he probably has not read the rest of the info on the site. Who knows he may try to play in the backyard, or in public... because he never read that it was not a good idea. Instead he went and got Aved, someone sold him a gun, and now a cat is missing an eye and the media is having a field day.....

Here's crossing our fingers that he won't
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