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You're not verified, so my suggestion is you go to a game where a verifier in your area is present. You get verified, and field someone elses gun (You'll probably have to pay for a rental, and if you break it, pay even more). You can also just ask around to see if you can get to know the feel of the weapons that you're able to experiment with. This way you'll get a good understanding of what will and will not be comfortable for you.

As much as stats of a gun are important, the gun has to be aesthetically pleasing to you. You can have a gun that shoots 400fps on the button every time. If you aren't comfortable holding it, it's not going to be your favourite gun. Even if you get a gun that you like the look and feel of it, and it only shoots 270fps, there are plenty of upgrades out there that you can purchase to ramp your gun's ability closer to the 350-400 range. Most stock guns require upgrades anyway, even the best of the best require fixing every now and then.

Find something that meets your ergonomic and aesthetic appeal, then worry about the performance of the gun. Even if you can't fix it, there are a lot of qualified gun docs out there that will do it for you for a reasonable fee, or even free.

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