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Real airsoft (as apposed to backyard battling) is a serious sport that takes dedication and a substantial amount of money. If you're serious about getting into this sport then getting Age Verified is a must. No, the Airsoft Canada forum isn't the be all and end all of airsoft, but in Canada it's close. The contents of the Classifieds and Retailer sections are well worth getting AV'ed if you truly intend to get into the sport. For just alittle bit more then that $250 you'd be able to get a much better quality full black gun. Not to mention piles of other accessories from camo and web gear to mags and optics to grenades and clamores.

Fair warning though, when I said the sport requires a substantial amount of money I wasn't kidding. The bare minimum for a full kit would be about $600, with more like $1000 to $1500 being more reasonable.

Honestly, if you can't be bothered to get Age Verified then it doesn't seem that this sport is for you. That's not intended as an insult, not all sports are for everyone. If you just want something to casually play around with, then get a cheap clearsoft from Walmart or Canadian Tire and save your money for something you're really interested in.

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