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First Gun

Hey all, I'm new here and was wondering what my first gun should be. I've already settled on it being an m4 (as a good majority of other airsoft players have, I know), but I'm looking for something that's got a good number of features on it.

What I mean is that I'm looking for an M4 (preferably AEG over Gas, if only for the cost) that has a *looks to the sky and prays* a functional bolt catch and a decent recoil feel. I'm aware that the new TM M4A1 has it, but I'm also aware that those are not presently in Canada.

I've got a budget up to $1000 for just the gun, so I'm wondering: can you guys tell me which airsoft models have these features, more importantly the bolt catch? As for the recoil, for all the people out there who don't have airsoft guns that produce recoil, do you feel it takes away from the experience? Thanks!
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