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Originally Posted by NoGear View Post
it has the ability to use li-po's search it up XD

though i woudn't put a li-po in my gun ever beacause i don't want the battery to explode randomly. Its more along the lines of "hay you can put a li-po and it will work fine but something might go wrong."

it would also last more than 3 and a half minutes...........

and its a thundermaul made by STAR and JG not the cheap crapy version.
(yes there is kinda 2 types of thundermauls.)

so basically my gun is an M4 Made by jg and star.
Any gun has the ability to use lipos, the doesn't mean you should. Any stock gun (especially a chineese clone) probably shouldn't use a lipo without at least a carefull shimming/re-greasing.

And you have a star thundermaul? a few posts ago you said you had a JG

Originally Posted by NoGear View Post
I totaly agree with above statement i was trying to give a simple version but that didn't seem to work. having first hand experiance with a jg thundermaul
wich is there m4a1 in a shell its a very great gun.

Look, im not trying to bash you or anything, they'res nothing wrong with (most) JGs. But your making them sound like amazing guns. IMO its worth it to pay the extra 50 bucks and get a G&G
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