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I did not follow this thread at all. But I saw some linked examples in this page.

I see that when people think "girls with guns" they think of a nice girls dressed in cheap, korny military outfits in front of a background smiling and looking stupid.

IMO, that's a waist of efforts and, like it was said here, give us a bad image.

If I where to produce that thing and make the photoshoot, I'd go with a more serious look, on location, with no "cheap sexual" aproach.

I'd set the girls, well geared, in a little scenario, as if they where doing real military or police stuff. Not just showing their whites teeths and boobs.

Or, if locations where not avelable, I'd got GTF2 style (refering to the GTF2 posters), with dark, mysterious looking girls comming from nowhere in the dark, looking deadly but still cute behind the gear.

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