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Originally Posted by R.I.T.Z View Post
well the point was to get as many girls as possible who play airsoft from across Canada to pose in their gear either in game or otherwise and sum it all together, i posted a rough draft of what i thought would be good with my own picture. a photo a mug shot a short blurb. all about the girls who we rarely see out there and who kick ass, I've had at least 7 girls say their interested, Lethalbarbie showed a lot of interest. Cloves seems to want to get in on this too. Goddess-of-War seems interested as well. as for your opinion i respect it, though some people get on my nerves when they continue to post their negative opinions once is enough to get it across. though brian has posted more than once but i appreciate his points simply because he brings up some small issues which i myself would have probably over looked, sometimes the negative can be a good thing, but post after post of your opinion about how this is a bad idea, isn't helpful at all
Don't ask for opinions next time then – you obviously have no patience for anyone else’s perspective nor an open mind and mechanism to process negative feedback. Just tell it like it is – “I have an arrogant idea, I found others who support it, I don’t care about any effect it might have, I am going to do it. KThxBye”

You’re PRODUCT has become more important to you than you IDEA.
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