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I have read this entire thread...I do that before posting. If people who didn't agree with this idea didn't post and simply would you ever know that there were people who didn't agree with this idea? I know a couple of female players who rarely post on this forum...and, wrong or not, I suspect that they would most likely be dissuaded from posting if they were going to be rebutted as in how you reply when a less than "Yeah, I'd buy one!" post is made.

I can only surmise that the second half of what your last post was directed elsewhere. Don't like how someone phrases something for emphasis...well, it's the Internet and this is a public forum.

Personally, I'm not saying that this is a horrendous idea...plenty of guys take pictures of themselves and their teammates all geared up at games. Not sure that they'd make a coffee table book out of it or not. Teams make websites, team forums, blow up photos for wallpaper, etc...

I do think this Airsoft Girls Calendar thing (that is the title of the thread) is weird...but hey, whatever floats your boat I suppose. I'd agree that there are some good female shooters out there for sure...tribute the hell out 'em (I'd wonder which ones would have responded to you to indicated their participation...).

Personally, I think that it would be truer to the spirit of things if you ended up taking a collection of shots from all the games across Canada...guys and/or girls...and made up a calendar of that. From what I've seen in the other sections there are some amazing action shots (in game or posed).

Just my $ always, feel free to ignore...
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