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The VFC 416 is NOT a starter gun. It's an amazing gun that will cost you $700 (for American branded ones with fake trades) to $900 (actual VFC with realistic H&K trades).

That's because it is also amazingly rare. You rarely ever see them for sale. I have seen a total of 3 for sale in the classifieds over the past year. They have been discontinued for years.

The newer JG 416 (because the most common ones are the old ones) are nice, but the metal body version sometimes has trades that aren't printed on straight or they are in the wrong position. The quality is nowhere near VFC but it's a great and perfect starter gun. The mechbox is preupgraded with ball bearings on one of the gears as well as a ball bearing spring guide and an m120 spring (400+ FPS out of box). It even has a factory mosfet and the choice of crane stock.
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