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Originally Posted by safx View Post
I'm pretty sure most women who play
airsoft aren't keen on being oogled by
the players they meet face to face or
being spank material for nerdo–pervo's
across the country.

You've got the internet, the pages won't
get stuck together, what more could you
dude if you don't want this calendar don't buy it, and we're not forcing the girls to pose for this so just take a chill pill

Originally Posted by Goddess-of-War View Post

So I see it as...We have 12 months in one year and we have 10 provinces and three territories in Canada. So if it seems to be very difficult to find girls, why don't we get one girl from each region to represent each territory. So it would be a calendar with girls from all over Canada and not focusing specifically on one calendar with 12 girls from one territory. Because from my understanding, the idea is to create, for example, a calendar specific to Ontario and have girls from Ontario in the calendar representing each month. Is that right? So I think it would be more practical and more efficient to have one girl from each province represent a different month.

What do you all think?

well my original plan was to have a calendar for each region but, finding enough girls wanting to be in a single calendar seems to be tough enough so i scrubbed that idea. right now i'm focusing on one calendar for Canada

Originally Posted by BloodSport View Post
should be 13 months, most Calendars typically include the Jan. of the following year. Atleast all the ones I buy do.
great now i gotta find another girl, bah!

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