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Originally Posted by Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw View Post
Are we talking about the same JGs? The quality of their internals is just slightly better than what it used to be (which was very hit or miss). I'd say their closer to 6 or 7 outta 10. But for the "low FPS spring" I doubt that since most chinese clones come with about 360-450fps springs, which is anything but "low fps". They shoot too hot and hard for what the mechboxes are made for and the chances of them cracking are ALOT higher. Thats one thing that made the chinese clones so popular with noobs who didnt know better. The fact they can have a gun that shoots 400fps -/+ outta the box, without knowing what that can actually do to the internals.

Well thats the reason for them being stickied. And isn't it a shame when even THAT isn't enough for some people? (not directed to the OP here, just a general comment). Well its like the old saying "What a world we live in when common sense is no longer common." - George Carlin.

uhh im not the type of person who wants fps..... my gun is running 360 and i find that around average so nothing to strong nor to weak. and iam aware of what type of damage is being done to my gun but its got the ability to last longer than some clones. because of the SO hot 400 fps springs people use.
you also don't see many JG doc helps rather than G&G so i can justify a valid reason why i preffer JG.

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