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Originally Posted by goutchigoutchi View Post
Woh woh... airsoft can't be ALL ABOUT this site...
I just want to play with some friends, I don't think I' m going to do a organized War soon. Maybe later if I really like it... but for now I just wan't to get started.
Don't take it too serious :O
Well, to be honest, this site seems to be the only place to get full black guns. You can get clearsoft guns from online retailers, but if you want quality goods, you really need to get into the classifieds here. Even seperate forums (BCAC, for example) recognize the necessity for age verification and will only allow those who are verified as being 18+ to access their private sales forums.

I had the same apprehension you did when I was trying to get age verified. Best way to see whether or not you're really into airsoft is to go to a real airsoft game. Get age verified there for good measure. It's painless, I swear. Just let us know whereabouts you live.

Originally Posted by Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw View Post
This dude/dudette is a perfect example of how every newbie should be. Very knowledgeable as he/she actually puts forth the effort to read what has already been said a million times over, has demonstrated nothing but tact from what Ive seen in this persons posts. Hell if there was a "Newbie Of The Year" award Id dish it out to Ashton.

Well, I'd like to thank my mum and dad for bringing me up so proper, and my friends for sticking by me even when times were bad. You guys are the best! *Sniffle.* I'd also like ASC for existing, and SIR for not shooting me in the crotch too many times during initiation. I still need those for now, after all.

Though, seriously, all it takes is an afternoon of browsing the stickies.
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