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Originally Posted by guysullavin View Post
I'm going to say no for the following reasons:

1. If your Canadian (which i think I'm safe to assume you are) then importing full-colored airsoft rifles is illegal and shall be confiscated at the border
2.You can still access full colored airsoft rifles, but you must get age verified and then you can buy from the classifieds
3. If you are too young then you can still buy Clear soft airsoft rifles. Which because of their partly clear nature are not stopped at the border. my suggested sites are: (free shipping) (no PST) (not suggested, but if you want lower-grade clearsoft then this is where to go, but it also sells high-quality G&G) (probably going to be the first to get the Clear ICS guns in)

Thats my pointer, and if you aren't Canadian, then knock yourself out.
Thanks for your post, but...

First : This site is a Canadian seller and the gun is noted : Clear receiver . ( not like on pic)

Second :I'm 18 but I'm too lazy to get age verified

Third : I'm canadian if I'm on this site? I wont knock myself thank you.

PS : Thanks for sites

I Would like advices on THE GUN please

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