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Originally Posted by SNK View Post
I've been shocked by my own 9.6v minis when they shorted and it hurt like a bugger and went through my whole body!

No you weren't shocked by a 9.6v battery, and no it didn't run through your whole body. I know this because I'm an electrician, I deal with lethal voltages day in and day out.

DC is not likely to kill you unless the voltages are about 10x what any airsoft battery can generate and about 100x the current. AC on the other hand is a different matter. Humans are most susceptable to frequnecies around 400Hz, DC has no frequency, it is 0Hz.

I can prove it.

Stick 1 finger on each hand onto the probes of a multimeter and set for resistance. You will get something on the order of high kilo-ohms to low megaohms. Factor in the classic formula of Voltage = Current x Resistance, and you will see how much current is going to flow

The only possible way you could get an airsoft battery to kill you is by sending your heart into defib by discharging directly in the Vagus nerve or the Perkinge fibres on the heart. The only way this is going to happen is if you are attacked by an airsoft ninja during open heart surgery or have your chest ripped open during an airsoft game.

Neither is very likely to happen.
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