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I've been shocked by my own 9.6v minis when they shorted and it hurt like a bugger and went through my whole body!

I don't want to know what an 11.1v Lipo with a 25C discharge rate feels like.
For lipos in water I dont know, but standart batteries in water is not a problem when it come to electrocution (the battery might still be f@#ed up after this). Why you got electrocuted is because it was a short, usually mean contact of two wires and very little resistence so it give higher amperage. In water it can make contact but water not being as good conductor as copper is, the low voltage of the battery and with the electricity being lazy about achieving its goal of going to the ground, it should not be a big problem about electocution. Still, any 120 volt AC device in water is extremly dangerous
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