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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
Review updated for MAG VN magazines:

UPDATE 02 MAY -Testing with MAG magazines

I wanted to use VN style mags in the G36 because normal STANAG ones look like ass. So I ordered a set of MAG VN mags. They came in the other day, and I did some testing with them.

First off, these things are TIGHT in the reciever. And I don't mean date-on-prom-night tight, I mean barley fits it at all tight. I pulled one mag out of the magwell and the top part of the mag stayed in! Out of 7 mags, 2 of them wouldn't fit.

The problem is that they sit too far forward. This was fixed by filing down the guides in the back of the magwell. They lock in nicely now (with much less movement than the KA metal ones), but still don't feed. The issue seems to be the alignment of the magwell with the hop-up. The mags themselves feed fine. When a mag is inserted, one round gets placed in the hop-up but after firing nothing else feeds. I'm currently trying to troubleshoot this issue, but whenever I do manage to get them to feed I can't seem to reproduce it. Still playing with it.

edit (again): Seems that with the nut over the magwell restraining pin, it pushes it up into the receiver by about 0.5mm. This is enough to cause it to missfeed. Removing the nut and pulling down and left on the magwell ever so slightly it seems to feed fine. Ok, source of problem found... now a solution needs to be found lol.
I have the complete opposite experience. Trying TM metal and King arms plastic mags - they all wobble and misfeed. I have MAG plastic VN (vietnam) mags however and they are absolutely perfect. They click in securely, come out smoothly, etc.

But I have the Private Parts adapter, not the SOCOM Gear one.
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