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Originally Posted by ktanriverdi View Post
Thanks for the input guys. I'll consider everything you've said but i need to see what's available on the market first and go from there.

Now can someone tell me why the different RAS's on redwolf differ vastly in cost? which one did you or would you get? are there any differences to watch out for? For example:

Action Lightweight RAS for Marui AUG
[A-AUG-02-LW] $108.00

Action EOD RAS Ver.1 for AUG Series
[A-AUG-01-EOD] $114.00

Action EOD RAS Ver.2 for AUG Series
[A-AUG-02-EOD] $147.00

Action RAS for Marui AUG
[A-AUG-01-RAS] $230.00

Action RAS for Marui AUG (Sniper Version)
[A-AUG-02-RAS] $238.00

Redwolf can be more expensive than most other airsoft stores. They are all Action brand, they come from the same factory. It's all the same. It's personal preference on looks. Some are CQB style, some are for longer barrels that are sniper style. For airsoft, length is more looks and doesn't really matter until you get into some really long barrels. The AUG is bullpup anyway so you already have a decent airsoft length barrel inside most of the gun.

I bought this one.
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