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You are starting out, buy a JG AUG as it comes with the full metal A3 style front end already, comes with a hi-cap, battery, and it will save you money and it is a decent gun and shoots a decent FPS out of box (I think 360-400). The Canadian price would be around $300. Seriously, JG is just fine.

I have a TM AUG with Action A3 RAS right now here. The cost was about $400 for the TM (that's cheap for a TM!), $150 for the RAS, and another $100 in upgrade parts to bring the stock TM gearbox to over 400 FPS. Since you are new, you'd probably need a guntech to install the gearbox parts for you too, that's up to or over $700 already.

The RAS should fit on any AUG. If not, the classic airsoft tool is the dremel :P The fit and tolerances of all these things, despite being made TM compatible are not all the same. Mine took a slight bit of grinding prying and shoving to fit on a TM AUG but it was mostly okay.

Fortunately for AUG fans, MAG just came out with some AUG mid-caps also.

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